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Meet Jimmy Brooks

Candidate for Virginia House of Delegates for the 74th District

Born in Lynchburg, James “Jimmy” Brooks is a lifetime Virginian. He grew up in a christian home with 3 siblings. He graduated from high school in 1969 and was drafted by the U.S. Army in 1970. Jimmy honorably served for two years before reentering civilian life. After his military service, Jimmy worked several blue collar jobs including ironworker, truck driver, factory worker, and wrecker operator. He knows. what it’s like to put in a hard day’s work and earn a paycheck.

In 1996 Jimmy graduated from J Sargeant Reynolds with a degree in horticulture. He worked as a landscaper until his retirement in 2013. Receiving a positive cancer diagnosis in 2014, Jimmy is now a cancer survivor and knows what it’s like to fight when the chips are down.

A family man, Jimmy now enjoys his retirement by spending quality time with his loving fiance, Sallie, two children James Jr. and Morgan, and 5 grandchildren.

Why run for Delegate?

Honor Our Veterans, Reform the Economy, Improve Education, & Healthcare, Better the Community

Jimmy is running for delegate because the time has come to put the people back in charge of writing the laws that govern them. The shocking trend of passing legislation that favors criminals over law-abiding citizens was the final straw for Jimmy, who is not a politician. He’s one of us; an honest, hard-working Virginian who wants to return the voice of the people to the General Assembly.

Jimmy on The Issues

Based Upon Core Principals

Honoring Our Veterans

Jimmy believes that no veteran should be left behind in the Commonwealth of Virginia. He is determined to eliminate veteran homelessness and put an end to veteran suicide. As our veteran population ages, our state should do more to make sure our former service members are provided with living conditions that reflect our Commonwealth’s gratitude for their sacrifices.

Improving Healthcare

Mental healthcare is healthcare which is why as your delegate Jimmy will push to support mental health facilities and programs throughout Virginia. He will push to lower drug prices by allowing competition in the market and removing burdensome government restrictions that inflate the cost to the consumer. With over 35 years in the 12 step recovery program Jimmy wants to help end drug addiction in our Commonwealth.  The opioid crisis has taken thousands of lives and ruined tens of thousands of others. Our legislature needs to do more to combat drug addiction and treat drug addicts as patients, not criminals, if we are going to get control of our drug epidemic.

Better Education

Teaching is one of the most important professions in our society. We need to make sure that we are hiring qualified teachers to educate the next generation. Jimmy believes in school choice and will advocate for the dollars to follow the student in our public schools.  Where you are born shouldn’t dictate the quality of your education. Most importantly our schools should be safe havens for our children and we need to make sure our children are protected.

Crime and Police

With Virginia homicides at their highest level in 20 years, it’s clear that our General Assembly needs a major overhaul. Democrats have passed legislation reducing penalties for crime, while at the same time opposing increased funding for law enforcement and pushing to remove qualified immunity for police officers, making them vulnerable to civil lawsuits.

The non-stop anti-police rhetoric is wreaking havoc on law enforcement families who are living in fear of losing their husbands, wives, mothers, or fathers. Many police officers are getting their affairs in order and drawing up wills to make sure their families are provided for if they don’t make it home from work.  Jimmy simply won’t stand for this! He is mobilized to put up a fight in the House of Delegates and protect families against radical Democrat policies.

Economic Reform

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and they were ravaged by COVID shutdowns. After over a year of lockdowns, allowing businesses to open back up fully without restrictions is not enough. In order to get our economy back on track, the legislature needs to pass tax incentives and cut government red tape that gets in the way of Virginians’ dream of owning their own businesses.

Roads and Infrastructure

Our aging infrastructure is crumbling all across the Commonwealth and rather than solving these issues our legislature has put a bandaid on the problems.  These half measures to repair our infrastructure have gone on for too long. We need to rebuild and reinforce our roads, bridges, and tunnels with quality materials that will stand up over decades of use. Virginians lose millions of dollars of personal property each year to flooding; this is why Jimmy will make sure we are building proper drainage throughout the Commonwealth to mitigate these problem areas and protect personal property.

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